Powerful Visitor Surveys Made Easy.

Secondlayer is an inpage survey tool that lets you ask visitors questions in-the-moment.

Get real-time feedback to better understand who your visitors are, what they’re looking for,

what they can’t find, or what’s stopping them from signing up for a trial account.

Traditional Survey
difficult to answer
low response rate
general questions
Secondlayer Survey
  • High response rate
  • Short and simple (1-2 questions)
  • Recieve feedback quickly
  • No email address required
  • Highly targeted questions
  • Fast and simple to fill out
  • User completes survey during experience at your site
Our micro-surveys get answered
What caused you to click a link to this website?

You clicked the link, so you’re able to answer easily. But why do users click links, or perform certain actions within your website?

Your website analytics only show numerical data, and provide no context to help you understand how or why users interact with your site / store / app.

Higher response rates than traditional surveys.

Traditional surveys are lengthy, and often ask general questions sent to the user days or weeks after their experience at your site.

Our micro-surveys are short (only a question or two), to the point, and pose a question relevant to what the user is currently doing. Example: ”Is there anything preventing you from signing up for a free trial at this point?”

So how exactly can micro-surveys grow my business?

Your customers are your greatest asset, your greatest critic, and your greatest source of information. If you’re not talking to them to see where you can improve, you're limiting the growth potential of your business.

Your visitors that don't pay you money are your greatest source of learning.

It's absolutely crucial in online buisness to find out why visitors don't become customers. Why does a user spend 5 minutes looking through your store, and not click add to cart? Why do visitors read your entire sales page, and not click signup? Secondlayer lets you easily ask these visitors a strategic question to help you understand why, so you can fix it.

Target interested users with persuasive offers.

Ever been on the fence about a purchase until a salesman told you everything in the store is 40% off? Target visitors who have shown an interest in your product with a persuasive offer to make the sale. Has a visitor been on your checkout page for 90 seconds, or clicked through 10 pages of your store? Send them a coupon code for 10% off. Or did they scroll to the bottom of your sales page? Send them a reminder that you offer a 30-day trial with no credit card, then forward them to your signup page.

Easily test existing ideas with a multiple-choice question style
Identify and solve problems faster.

Unsure why a particular Google Advertising campaign is performing poorly? Ask only visitors coming from that campaign a question. Have your analytics shown Firefox users convert far lower than other browsers? Ask only visitors with Firefox a question. Do you want to know what tablet users think of their experience on your site? Ask only visitors with tablet's a question.

Easily test existing ideas with a multiple-choice question style
Capture email leads on every page of your site.

Even if a visitor doesn't buy your product, capturing their email address is crucial necessary for getting them back to your site, and making a sale. Install a single snippet of Javascript to your footer, and target every user on every page.

Easily test existing ideas with a multiple-choice question style
Keep your sales funnel flowing
  • Sales page
  • Product page
  • Customer research
Identify unanswered questions

Do visitors have questions about your product after reading your sales page? Identify areas for further explanation, and increase your conversion rates.

Identify meaningful features

Does a visitor love your product, but wish it had a built-in chat feature? Identify features and benefits important to your customers by asking for feedback.

Leverage visitors who don't signup!

You've already sold visitors who signup. What's important is understanding why visitors don't signup. Analytics can identify bounce rates, but why does a visitor spend 60 seconds on your site then leave? Identify their objections, then fix it.

Identify why shoppers don't add to cart

Are shoppers confused about sizing or shipping options? Do they feel your prices are too high? Or are they ready to buy, but unable to find the product they're looking for? Increase your sales by identifing the reasons why shoppers don't make a purchase.

Offer a coupon to shoppers on the fence

Has a shopper been on a product page for more than a minute? Send them a coupon code to be applied at checkout for 10% off, and ensure they make the purchase.

Get to know your customers

The more you know about your visitors, the better you can sell to them. Learn who your visitors are, what they came to your site to do, what they're looking for, or what product they wished you carried.

Test ideas for new features or products

Deciding which new feature to add to your software? Ordering a new product line for your fall inventory? Don't spend money doing something you're customers aren't interested in.

Engage visitors and maximize sales
With the ability to redirect users to any page on your website, Secondlayer can be used as a powerful sales tool. Instead of asking a question, let your visitors know about a sale or a related product, then redirect them to that page.
Cross-promote products

Let your visitors know about other products you sell they may be interested in. Easily run notifications on your t-shirts page, letting visitors know you have a great selection of shorts that would go well.

Upsell products

Run notifications on your tube socks shop category letting visitors know you offer a line of luxury tube socks that offer the same comfort, but keep your feet drier!

Offer coupons and discounts

Run a notification displaying a coupon code to your visitors, or ask for their email address and send them a coupon automatically from your email marketing application.

Stuff your contact list full of qualified leads
Secondlayer integrates with most email marketing applications, allowing you to easily capture highly qualified leads from every page of your site and add them directly to your email marketing lists.
  • Invitation to chat further
  • Coupons
  • Newsletter signup
Add context to responses

Asking visitors for their email is not only great necessary for future marketing, but allows you to follow-up with quality responses that you'd like to dig deeper on.

Show visitors you care about their experience, and their time

Thanking a visitor for answering your survey is just good manners, but asking to follow-up shows you truly care about their response and would like to know more about their answer. Visitors will feel appreciated, and you will have captured a highly valuable email lead.

Autoresponder coupon codes

Setup a list in your email marketing application to autorespond with a coupon code, then target visitors on sales pages who need a little persuasion.

Highly qualified leads take coupons

Users interested in a discount for your product are perfect candidates for your email marketing campaign. They've shown an interest in your product, and will either buy immediately with their coupon or in the future after they've been sold by your marketing campaign.

Create tailored signup boxes

Increase your number of signups by customizing your signup form to the page. On your store's iPhone case section, ask your visitors for their email to be notified first when new cases arrive.

Follow-up a survey's question

After a visitor has answered your survey question, ask if they'd like to signup for your newsletter to receive updates on your business in the future.

Perfect your designs for maximum conversions
Your site's interface will either help make sales, or help lose them. Ensure users can easily navigate your site to find the resources they need to conquer objections and make the sale.
Improve the user-experience by asking the users!

Who better to tell you how to improve your UX than your users? Ask visitors a design-related question, and follow it up with a second question, 'what would have made it easier?' or 'what could we have done better?' The best UX advice in less than 60 seconds.

Take the guesswork out of A/B testing

Spend time testing areas of your site that visitors have mentioned in their survey responses. Don't bother testing different colors and positions of your Buy Now button, when users are actually having difficulty locating product photos.

Get candid feedback on your sales funnel

Right after you've made a sale is the perfect time to get high-quality feeback on your store's checkout process, or your site's sales page. Figure out what visitors thought you did well, and what could use improvement.

Get answers to the questions you've wanted to ask
Ask visitors any question you want, and follow-up a visitors response with a specific secondary question.
See below for a few examples.
Customer behavior

What's preventing you from checking out?

What did you come to our site today to do?

What convinced you to pay for this product?

Improve your store's user interface

Did you find everything you were looking for?

Was our store easy to navigate?

Is there anything we can do to improve our checkout process?

Product selection

Are you satisfied with our selection of products?

Are you looking for a product we don't carry?

Are there any products you'd like us to start carrying?

Bloggers / Publishers
Identify specific topics your readers are interested in

What topics are you most interested in?

Is there a specific topic you'd like us to write about?

Increase your newsletter signup rate

Interested in more articles like this one? Enter your email to be notified when we post new articles.

Identify navigation issues
Improve your site's user interface

Did you find everything you were looking for?

Was our site easy to navigate?

Is there anything we can do to improve our checkout process?

What could we do to make our site easier to use?

Web application
Spend time building features your customers want

Which of the following features would you most prefer?

Are there any features you would like added to our software?

Identify unanswered questions on your sales page

Do you have any questions about our software?

What's preventing you from signing up for a free trial?

Is there anything unclear about our product?

Is there anything unclear about our pricing plans?

Follow-up specific actions within your application

What is the main reason you are cancelling your account?

What is the main reason you are downgrading your plan?

Error page: "What page were you looking for?

Answer analytics questions
Target visitors from specific Google Analytics Campaigns

What did you come to this site today to do?

What caused you to click on our advertisement?

Fill in the gaps of your analytics

What were you hoping to find on this page?

How did you hear about us?

Did you find everything you were looking for?

Visitor targeting
Question visitors using a specific device or browser

Is there anything on this site that doesn't work as expected?

Was our site easy to navigate?

Did you find everything you were looking for?

What's preventing you from signing up for a free trial?

Have questions?Read our most FAQ
Can I try Secondlayer before I pay for it?

Yes please do! Signup and try Secondlayer for 14 days without paying a dime.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

If you're not happy with your Secondlayer account and would like your money back, just contact us within 30 days of signing up and we'll gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

Can I export my data?

Yes! You can easily export all your survey results and collected emails in .csv format for easy analysis. We never delete your data, so you'll always have a copy on our servers.

Can I customize the look of my surveys?

Absolutely! Every color of your survey can be changed to the exact color code you want - we don't use preset colors. Try the demo to see how you can easily customize your survey.

How do I install Secondlayer on my site?

Secondlayer is easy to install on your site. Simply place our survey script on each page you want to run a survey on, then you never need to edit your site again, all changes are made from your Secondlayer dashboard.

How secure is your site?

All access to Secondlayer is restricted to SSL encrypted connections, so you can be sure your data stays private.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.